Abigail Holmes


The word steadfast means to be firm and unwavering. In today’s world, it can be difficult to be a steadfast Christian. Trends, people, and the media all tempt us to stray from God’s side and His Word.

It has become too easy to bend in our Christian faith and walk, to simply blend in and become conformed to the world’s standards.

This devotional will guide and challenge you on how not to bend to the world, but to remain firm and unwavering in your relationship with Christ. It will take you through the basic promises and truth that we, as Christians, must stay grounded in.

– Don’t bend to worry, stay firm in knowing God will provide everything we need.

– Don’t bend to being negative, but stay steadfast in the joy of Christ.

– Don’t bend to please the world, but stay firm in pleasing God instead,

Challenge yourself to refuse to bend and to stay steadfast on the course for Christ.

Written for both young and mature women who want to stay firm in their Christian walk.

Head to Amazon if you would like to purchase a copy of Refusing To Bend.

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